Just released!

Greta und Gott


Wir haben schon Kinderbücher zu Hause. Aber ich finde es toll, wenn sie versucht, den Namen ihres Vaters herauszulesen.

Das Inhaltsverzeichnis des Sammelbandes können interessierte Leser dem englischen Teil dieses Beitrags entnehmen.


Not quite the kind of book I normally give my children to read. But it’s nice when she tries to spell out her dad’s name.

The contents:

Robert Sokolowski, “Foreword: The Name of God”, pp. 9-16.

Robert Spaemann, “What Do We Mean when We Say “God”?”, pp. 17-36.

Fr. Thomas Joseph White, OP, “Monotheistic Rationality and Divine Names: Why Aquinas’ Analogy Theory Transcends both Theoretical Agnosticism and Conceptual Anthropomorphism”, pp. 37-79.

Lawrence Dewan, “Thomas Aquinas and Knowledge of a God as the Goal of Philosophy”, pp. 81-126.

Stamatios Gerogiorgakis, “Bayesian Theism and the Interpretation of Bayesian Probabilities”, pp. 127-145.

John F.X. Knasas, “The “Suppositio” of Motion’s Eternity and the Interpretation of Aquinas’ Motion Proofs for God”, pp. 147-178.

Paul Thom, “Shades of Simplicity”, pp. 179-196.

Michael J. Dodds, “The God of Life, the Science of Life, and the Problem of Language”, pp. 197-231.

William J. Wainwright, “Divine Impassibility”, pp. 233-274.

Linda Zagzebski, “Divine Foreknowledge and the Metaphysics of Time”, pp. 274-302.

Anselm Ramelow, “The God of Miracles”, pp. 303-364.

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