Alessio Moretti’s blog

(Diesmal poste ich ausnahmsweise nur auf Englisch wegen der Empfehlung, die sich an Leser des Englischen richtet)

Since John Philoponus in De aeternitate mundi cited Aristotle saying that Plato was his friend but truth was holy, philosophers use this phrase to insinuate that it’s the right thing to prefer your faith to the truth to being true to a friend.

This makes me think that those among us, philosophers, who don’t have to choose between truth and friendship because their friends are keen philosophers and very competent in multi-valued logics, and very out-of-the-box-looking persons, are happy!

I’m very happy knowing that a good friend works on the interface between category mistakes and multi-valued-logics – like I do with my logic of privation – and, indeed, happy that he started blogging. Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Alessio Moretti’s blog.

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