TeX and rust

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Nach Jahren der Pause arbeite ich wieder mit TeX. Ich kämme Hans Burkhardts Text aus Jean-Yves Béziaus Universallogik-Kongress in Rio de Janeiro. Ein letzter Dienst an den toten Freund.

Nun, es ist unglaublich, wie schnell ich verrostete. Ich gucke die ganze Zeit nach! “Hmmm, wie war jetzt noch mal die TeX-Syntax dazu?”

Enough with scrolling

Years after, I’m working with TeX again. Just proofreading Hans Burkhardt’s paper from Jean-Yves Béziau’s Universal-Logic congress in Rio de Janeiro. A last service to the friend who passed away.

And it’s ridiculous how fast I got rusty. I have to check for the syntax of TeX features I had been using constantly.

4 thoughts on “TeX and rust

  1. rest=rust is what they say in Dutch. It’s logic(al) albeit perhaps not mathematically true 🙂

    Admittedly I never bothered to start learning TeX. The entry costs seemed to high. I am an economist after all…

    • Well, Maarten (thank you for your Dutch insight) LaTeX is the ultimate proof that beauty does matter even when exactness is the goal. Or maybe just because exactness is the goal.

      • Ah, well that explains then why I have no publications in the top economic journals. Word isn’t perfect, and neither is Word Perfect 😀

      • No, this doesn’t explain it. The peer-review system guarantees that your paper will be reviewed by a PhD candidate (his supervisor has no time to read articles). And this young guy is quite sure about what high quality is: things he understands. It’s all accidental and the provincial perception of a reviewer who’s too inexperienced makes accidental outcomes even more arbitrary.

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