Five years of blogging

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Der Titel ist selbsterklärend und das Posting selbstbezüglich.

Als Fazit aus der Erfahrung nur eine kurze Bemerkung, die über die Selbstreferentialität hinausgeht: Die Schriftstellerei macht (wenigstens hoffentlich) den Leser zu einem anderen Menschen; aber den Autor zu sich selbst.

Enough with scrolling

The title is self-explanatory, the post self-referential.

Just one short remark beyond circularity: to the reader, a good read is a life-changing experience. But to its author it’s life-preserving.

2 thoughts on “Five years of blogging

  1. THANK YOU and congratulations .. for five years of including people.. ( and me:)) in your Blog .. i always find them heartening and thoughtfull, humourous and motivating to get writing and thinking:)) more than i would- without reading your making connections between the vicissitudes and charm of everyday life and spheres of metaphysics -where i get lost but then find a new text that reconciles me .. Thank you.

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