Semantics rulez

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Es gibt keinen Ort mit mehr philosophischen Fehlzitaten als diese Adresse an der Athener Adrianou-Straße.

Es wäre ein argumentum ad hominem, ihnen nur aus dem Grund jeden Wert abzusprechen, falsch zugewiesen zu sein.

Wer nun daran interessiert ist, welche Lehre ich aus meinem letzten Besuch in meiner Geburtsstadt gezogen habe, muss auf Englisch weiterlesen.

Enough with scrolling

There is no place with so many philosophical misquotations like this address at the Adrianou Street of Athens.

At the same time, there is no way to declare them valueless for this reason alone, without committing an ad hominem. Pragmatics has to give way to semantics if you want to be a philosopher and not only a historian of philosophy.

And this is an intended pun seen a few weeks ago when I visited my mother. If there is no signal, what does the phrase “No signal” signal? Yes, semantics generates paradoxes. But it is always there. As long as language and communication exists, there is always a “sema”, a signal. Even if this professes to be the tomb of semantics.

The Greek word for tomb is also “sema”.

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