Last session


Die letzte Sitzung meiner Vorlesungen für das Wintersemester war heute. Nächste Woche findet die Klausur statt – in der Kiliani-Kapelle wegen eines Raumproblems auf dem Campus. Soll ich während der Klausur den Namen der Rose oder Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone zum Lesen mitnehmen?

Ein paar Fotos von heute Nachmittag.


These are pictures which I shot a few hours ago, just before the last session of my series of lectures. There was a problem with our room on campus and for this reason we had to move to the Kiliani chapel in downtown Erfurt. Also next week’s exam will be held there.

Should I take the Name of the Rose with me to read while the students are busy or rather Harry Potter and the Philosophers’ Stone?