Entertaining June

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Keine hochfliegenden Gedanken für heute. Bloß zwei Juni-Musikstücke vor und nach dem Englischtext, die ich seit eh’ und je liebe, und der Link zu einer Konferenz, in der ich die aristotelische Sau rauslasse.

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No big philosophy for today. Just two songs that pertain to June and that I’ve loved for years and years, and a link to a conference in which I’ll have an Aristotelian agenda to defend.

Last debt to a dead friend

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Gerade eben korrigierte ich Hansens Beitrag in UNILOG 2013 in Rio de Janeiro fertig. Die Kongressakten mit dem wenig bescheidenen aber akkuraten Titel: The Aftermath of the Logical Paradise, hg. von Béziau et al., werden bald erwartet.

Hans wollte noch vor der Publikation des logischen Paradieses lieber schnell das himmlische Paradies erleben.

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I just finished the proof-reading of Hans’s contribution in UNILOG 2013 in Rio de Janeiro. The Aftermath of the Logical Paradise, ed. by Béziau et al., is expected to be shortly published and to give a picture of the event.

Hans, unfortunately if you ask me, preferred to see the heavenly paradise before the logical one.

TeX and rust

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Nach Jahren der Pause arbeite ich wieder mit TeX. Ich kämme Hans Burkhardts Text aus Jean-Yves Béziaus Universallogik-Kongress in Rio de Janeiro. Ein letzter Dienst an den toten Freund.

Nun, es ist unglaublich, wie schnell ich verrostete. Ich gucke die ganze Zeit nach! “Hmmm, wie war jetzt noch mal die TeX-Syntax dazu?”

Enough with scrolling

Years after, I’m working with TeX again. Just proofreading Hans Burkhardt’s paper from Jean-Yves Béziau’s Universal-Logic congress in Rio de Janeiro. A last service to the friend who passed away.

And it’s ridiculous how fast I got rusty. I have to check for the syntax of TeX features I had been using constantly.

New Dimensions (UPDATED)

It’s hot.

And fresh like the first day of spring.

And it’s in.

And finally out…

The contributions:

Jean-Yves Béziau / Stamatios Gerogiorgakis, “The Many Dimensions of the Square of Opposition. Introduction”

Paul J.E. Dekker, “Heraclitean Oppositions”

Juliette Lemaire, “Is Aristotle the Father of the Square of Opposition?”

Stamatios Gerogiorgakis, “A Vindication of a secundum-quid-et-simpliciter Solution of the Paradox of Epimenides by Way of Mereological Hexagons”

Enrique Alvarez and Manuel Correia, “Conversion and Opposition: Traditional and Theoretical Formulations”

Régis Angot-Pellissier, “Taoist Logical Hexagon. The Philosophical Meaning of 3-opposition and Weak 2-opposition in Cosmology”

Ka-fat Chow, “Opposition Inferences and Generalized Quantifiers”

Claudio Pizzi, “Contingency Logics and Modal Squares of Opposition”

Christan de Ronde, Hector Freytes and Graciela Domenech, “Quantum Mechanics and the Interpretation of the Orthomodular Square of Opposition”

Luca Tranchini and Michael Arndt, “A Constructive View of the Square of Oppositions”

Aytollah Zadeh Shirazi, “2n-polygon of Opposition and 2n-tuples Satisfying It”

François Nicolas, “The Hexagon of Opposition in Music”

Jean-Yves Béziau, “Opposition and Order”

Jonas R. Becker Arenhart and Décio Krause, “Oppositions and Quantum Mechanics: Superposition and Identity”

Katarzyna Gan-Krzywoszyńska and Piotr Leśniewski, “An Erotetic Hexagon: Oppositions as a Basis for the Logic of Questions”

Fabio Tfouni, “Interdiction and Silence: A Traditional Reading of the Square of Opposition”